Lebron fights back

Lebron James: Overcoming Adversity

King James is what he likes to be known as. Lebron may have never truly earned that name if it wasn’t for the last 2 championships he won with the Miami Heat. Early in his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers he was heavily scrutinized by almost every basketball fan, reporter, and player in the world for not being able to win championships, shying away from clutch moments. Until he realized he needed a fresh start, a new beginning to say the least. Once the decision was made to take his talents to South Beach everything had changed in an instant. It was time for him to prove his greatness, and the pressure was on.

After appearing in the finals three years in a row and winning 2 of them, the criticism slowly began to fade. This is exactly what Lebron James needed. With the monkey off his back he showed the world how great of a player he really is and sold out almost every arena he played in. Single-handedly he was taking over the game of basketball with brute force. Fans in rival cities that aren’t even fond of him were making their way into the stands. Slowly but surely, he started selling out arena after arena. Even small market teams would raise their ticket prices when they would host the Miami Heat because they knew in order to buy Heat Tickets at that price someone like Lebron needed to be on the team. This kid from Akron, Ohio was changing the face of basketball forever whether he was aware of it or not. Fans from all over the world are buying Lebron James jerseys making his the number one selling jersey in the world since 2010, surpassing Kobe Bryant. At this point, the only person capable of stopping a player like King James is King James himself. The sky is the limit.