Arlington Bar Scene

Restaurants and Bar Scene in Arlington Virginia

Unlike the most of Southern America, Virginia follows its own cultural traditions involving its cuisine. Virginia is known for its vast variety of food, most notably its seafood, award winning wines, and its peanuts. With its rich and diverse geographical coasts stretching from east to west. The area is also home to over 46,000 farms. Restaurants in Arlington VA are no exception, and there are many fun locations in Arlington, VA which reflect Virginia’s traditional cuisine.

Top Notch Seafood

Virginia’s seafood is incredibly popular around the world. Despite the Blue Crab being known as the ‘Maryland Crab‘ Virginia is actually America’s third largest seafood source, and the waterman thrive on the harvesting of oysters, sea scallops, striped bass, flounder and of course, the Blue Crab. Tangier Island is commonly referred to as the ‘crab capital of the world’. For this reason, seafood is hugely popular in restaurants in Arlington, with many eateries dedicated solely to seafood.

Peanuts and Ham are Bar Favorites in Arlington

Of course, Virginia is incredibly famous for its peanuts. Virginia is the home of peanut soup, peanut cheesecake and peanut butter. Virginian peanuts are the largest of all the peanuts grown in the United States. They are sold in a vast variety of ways, including in-the-shell, salted, un-salted, smoked, honey roasted and caramelized. Many peanut related dishes can be found in Virginian restaurants, and the chefs keep on finding more unique and exciting ways to implement their world famous peanuts into their dishes.

Finally, Virginian hams have been famous since the 16th Century. The most famous of all Virginian hams is the Smithfield Ham, which, as written in statute, must be cured in Smithfield town. Most country hams are cured with salt, then slowly smoked. They are left to age for several months, although some have been left to age for over a year. This enables them to develop a rich and distinctive flavor.